Final Academic Information for SBI3U in Biology Students

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Congrats to all! What an excellent trip. I can’t believe it’s over already. Hopefully everyone has had a restful day and has reconnected with family and friends.
I promised all students this final email to make sure we were all reminded of the final wrap-up.
Blog Posts
– all blog posts are due Saturday July 27th noon. These should have been completed/written Fiji (perhaps with the exception of one), but may not have been able to be posted due to internet difficulties – so this should not take long to simply post them.
– I will mark these posts this weekend/week and then send out a “final notice” email when I am done marking. At that time I will give you 48 hours to make any upgrades/corrections based on the feedback I’ve provided. If you upgrade a blog post, send me an email and I will reassess it and upgrade your mark if improved.
– we did all the blogs post in the course book EXCEPT for the biotechnology one
– after all the changes in schedules and lack of smarties in the airport, the following assignments/labs should have all been submitted to me:
– meiosis stop motion video
– genetics assignment
– case study presentation or video or audio recording (or combination)
– enzymes in fruit lab and the questions that went with it (lab handed in as a group, questions handed in individually)
– scientific drawing of bacteria in yogurt
– turtle dichotomous key lab
– your own dichotomous key that you created (some still have to hand this one in)
Final Project – Due to me (email) on Friday August 2nd
– 4-6 pages plus hopefully some images, video or diagrams to help, you can send me image files separately. You MAY certainly go over this number of pages if you have lots of information to share
– don’t forget description of assignment is in Moodle
– the rubric for this project is attached as a PDF file
– send your project to me as a word or pages file and I will format everyones together into one eBook
– be sure to create an effective, appropriate title for your chapter/section
– while not necessary at all, try to include images and/or if really wanted a video, audio media that we can include to make our book a bit more interactive. These could be images from the trip, audio recordings of your work (you can use to record and then send me the link), videos of people or activities in Fiji (you can upload to youtube or vimeo and send me the link).
– If your media will be comprehensive and you would like to limit the written component in place for making a more comprehensive media piece, please email me your plan and I will confirm this is ok. For example, if you would prefer to create a video about your topic (still meeting the success criteria we agreed upon), you could simply write a paragraph or two introduction and then your video could be instead of the written ebook component. Please just send me a message with your plan and I will confirm. Otherwise, your content should be typed up and media can be added to make it a richer reading experience for our audience.
– please note that if I have images that complement your topic, I may add them in too 🙂
– please see the success criteria listed for each student at the end of the this email
Flickr Group
I have created a place to upload and share all our images and video. I have created a group (link sent in email). 
If you would like, please join this group. It will require a free account. Over the next few days I will upload images. PLEASE REMEMBER to only upload appropriate images. I do not want inappropriate images shared here. Any images that do not follow school rules or show people not following school rules should not be shared here. You can share those images and video personally with each other on your own. This is a place to share images and video from the trip so that we can all benefit from each others pictures. I know that a couple people lost or ruined their cameras on the trip. This will allow students to get/download/share images for their own personal use or for their final project. I will share everything I took here over the next couple of days.
Marks will be added to Moodle as completed. Continue to check grades and feedback there.
THANK YOU to all students for an excellent month. What an adventure. Parents, thank you for entrusting us with your student for the month! I will never forget this trip of a lifetime. Continue to check the blog over the next week or so. As I go through images and video from the trip I will create a few media pieces and share on the blog. .
Have a great weekend,


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